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Latest Version 2.1
May 2, 2011

Marco Attene - -
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ReMESH is a powerful editor for manifold triangle meshes with advanced repairing features.

It has been developed to finely post-process polygon meshes coming from digitization sessions, but it can also be used to edit meshes produced differently. Most operations can be performed interactively through mouse-clicks on the mesh. Both low-level (edge-flip, vertex-insert, ...) and high-level (simplification, subdivision, ...) operations are supported. A rich and intuitive selection mechanism makes ReMESH extremely flexible and user-friendly. The software provides all the means to automatically filter out most of the typical flaws that models may have when coming from a 3D digitization session (degenerate triangles, isolated vertices, noise, topological artefacts, holes, ...). Although most of the repairing operations can be performed automatically, the user is allowed to retain a full control of the editing process.

ReMESH implements cutting-edge technologies to process 3D geometry, and is one of the technological results produced by the EU-FP6 financed Network of Excellence AIM@SHAPE (

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