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May 2, 2011

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Ideas and History

The first idea of ReMESH was born in 2004 to cope with a basic necessity of computer graphics researchers, namely, the possibility to use raw models as test cases for new algorithms that require high-quality models.

During the development of a new algorithm, in fact, it is much easier to fix some rules for the early design phases and then relax them eventually. This is especially true in computer graphics: considering a 3D object represented by a watertight, manifold surface without degenerate or disconnected components makes things much easier.

The first public version of ReMESH was then released in October 2004. From then, the project has been growing continuously, and ReMESH has been extensively used for several applications. Among them, a noticeable example is the popular AIM@SHAPE's Shape Repository, where most of the meshes that have been tagged as "high-quality" were edited through ReMESH. Another important application is the SHREC Shape Retrieval Contest, where several certified datasets have been created through ReMESH.

Due to the growing interest of the scientific community, in 2006 ReMESH's reparing philosophy was turned to a scientific paper and published (download paper "here).

Finally, in 2008 the first version of the software for Windows has been released.